Brownie Sleepover

by | Jan 3, 2022

In October, 24 Brownies from the 39th St Alphege pack went on their first Brownie night away since April 2019.

We were just about to go on pack holiday in April 2020 just weeks after the first COVID19 lockdown started. So, when we started discussing going away this year, we decided as none of our girls had been away with us before, we should do a sleepover instead. Our theme was Colours of the Rainbow. We were inspired by the theme of rainbows through the pandemic and we thought it would be an easy theme to do. The sleepover was a small step between a meeting and a full two-day pack holiday.

We stayed at Freshford Village Hall and we had fantastically warm, dry weather so we were able to take advantage of the park and field outside as well as painting sun catchers, using Hama beads to create mug mats, making friendship bracelets, making rainbows in a science experiment, creating slime as well as decorating biscuits, making fruit kebabs and pizzas. We even had a movie night and a nail bar in the evening. It was a sleepover bursting with colour and lots and lots of smiles. 

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