Borrow useful equipment from the division

Bath Division Equipment

Borrow useful equipment from the division

There’s lots of useful equipment you can borrow from the Division:

Bath Guide HQ has a variety of activity equipment for Bath leaders to borrow, including:

  • Badge Maker
  • Large and Small Parachutes
  • Chime Bars
  • Juggling Set
  • Four Foam Flyers
  • Dance Scarves
  • Eight Cheerleader Style Pom Poms
  • Residential Games and Activity Chest
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics Kit
  • Giant Bowling Set
  • Indoor Kurling Set
  • Giant Yellow Plastic Limbo Set
  • Rounders Sets (x2)
  • Giant Pop Up Target and Golf Set
  • Data Projector
  • Colour Inkjet Printer/Copier/Scanner
  • Casio Digital Camera
  • CD/Radio/Audio Player
  • Mobile Phones

To borrow any Division resources, visit the Bath Depot Shop during opening hours or contact your District Commissioner to gain access to HQ.

Please Note:

All items should be signed out and signed back in again upon return.

If you are borrowing electronic equipment, please ensure it is fully charged and replace any batteries that are running low.

Any damages or problems with any of these resources should be reported to your District Commissioner.

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