Connect with our division team to get support with all aspects of guiding

Our Team

Connect with our division team to get support with all aspects of guiding

Our division is led by a team of volunteers, known as the Division Executive, who are our Charity Trustees. They work together to support delivery of safe, fun guiding activities for everyone in Bath Division

Representing you on the Bath Division Executive


The Division Executive is responsible for developing and implementing the Division Strategic Plan in line with Girlguiding’s ‘Doing Our Best strategy’.  They meet regularly throughout the year to discuss ideas and events, the provision of training and recruitment activities.

The Division Executive represent you, so if there is something you would like to see the Division doing to the benefit of our members, please contact one of the team.


Division Commissioner

Laura Gadsby

Division President


Division Treasurer

Emma Brooks

Bath North West District


Bath North East District

Vanessa Plain

Bath South West District

Katie Derbyshire and Karen Neate

Bath South East District

Emma Symonds

DBS Coordinator

Katie Smith

Residential Advisor

Diana Shinn

Young Leader Coordinator

Rosie Spence

Membership Growth Advisor

Kirsty Pitkin

Trefoil Guild Representative

Christine Vine

University of Bath Student Representative


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