The latest news, opportunities and ideas for volunteers in Girlguiding Bath

There are so many exciting things going on in Girlguiding Bath and beyond…

We’re on LinkedIn

We are taking the social media world by storm and are now on LinkedIn! We will be using this to promote volunteer roles to a wider audience. If you’re a LinkedIn user, please follow us and share our content to help us spread the word!

Camp in all weathers!

9th Guides had sun, rain and thunder on their camp and still managed to have a lot of fun! They had a campfire, went stand up paddle boarding and did archery, tie dyed t-shirts, and completed the Backwoods Cooking Guide badge!

Big help out stall

We’re running a stall at the library on Saturday (8th June) to raise awareness of Girlguiding and hopefully recruit some new volunteers. This is part of the Big Help Out and volunteers week. The stall will be for 4 hours 10-2 and we need your help! Please let Vanessa know if you’re available to help…

Biscuits and bunting

88th Rainbows worked towards their biscuit badge. They designed their own biscuits and played tic tac toe with biscuits. They also made a time capsule to open on their last session of rainbows, and decorated bunting.

Carnival 2024

This is our last chance to get involved in Bath carnival – we need someone to volunteer to coordinate our part of the carnival procession please before the deadline at the end of the week! Last year the girls and volunteers had a great time dancing around the streets of Bath and we’d like to…

Volunteers week - your story

It will soon be volunteers week, a chance to thank volunteers all over the country, and that includes you! It would be great to showcase some of your stories about volunteering. This could be a short quote or a blog, a video or anything else you think could capture what you do with Girlguiding and…