Could you be our new Leadership Qualification Co-ordinator?

by | May 20, 2022

Our fantastic LQ co-ordinator, Liz, has recently moved away from Bath to be closer to her family so we’re looking for someone new to take on this role. The role will be for around 18 months. This is because a new LQ will be introduced in the Autumn which will no longer need support from a Division LQ co-ordinator.

This is what Liz said about being LQ co-ordinator:

With only a few years’ experience in Girlguiding, I took over the role back in 2017. At the time of applying, I was unsure if I was qualified enough, but it turned out, as I was jokingly told recently, ‘It’s something that can be done by anyone.’

Seriously though, you work within a wider team of great, supportive members of Girlguiding who will provide you with training to help you take over the ropes and who are always available if you have any queries (myself included). 

The Leadership Qualification (LQ) Coordinator is responsible for matching Leaders in Training (Girlguiding members working towards their Leadership Qualification) with Mentors. 

The role includes:

• Providing ongoing administrative support to Bath Division by coordinating matters related to the LQ, often by email. 

• Monitoring timescales and progress of Leaders in Training using GO (full training provided)

• Alongside other members of the team, including the LQ Verifier for the County, helping disseminate any new resources and programme initiatives.

• Attending Bath Executive Meetings (these are currently via zoom).

• Encouraging growth of the pool of Mentors available.

• Matching Leaders in Training with a suitable Mentor.

• Briefing and supporting Mentors in their role to support Leaders in Training.

So, if you think you would be interested in taking over the role of Leadership Qualification Coordinator, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Laura at or your DC with any questions.

Why not give it a try? As Liz said, ‘It’s something that can be done by anyone.’!

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