Help us to fundraise with BBC Children in Need

by | Jul 29, 2022

We wanted to share the details about our joint fundraising campaign with this year’s BBC Children in Need appeal and how we can all take part to raise much needed funds. We can honestly say the appeal won’t succeed without your help!

Taking part is totally optional, but we hope it will be an enjoyable challenge to do with the girls and have heaps of fun in your units!

You’ll be helping to make a difference to young people across the UK.

What’s the theme for this year?

We’re fundraising again with BBC Children in Need and we’d love you take to part, by creating your own ‘a-thon to help raise much needed funds. What’s an ‘a-thon?! It’s a solo or group activity but SUPERCHARGED! It’s up to you to make your activity longer, faster or bigger than ever before!

How do I decide what my ‘a-thon should be?

This is the fun part – it can be whatever you like it to be!

1.Choose an activity you love, think how you can supercharge it by making it longer, faster and bigger than ever before! The easier your challenge is to understand, the more people will sponsor you and we’ll help you with that. 

2 Set your own target, it could be a personal goal, or a group target you want do together. Pick the timeframe, then enjoy working towards it!

3. Ask your family or friends to sponsor you and have heaps of fun taking part. Let people know their sponsorship will also help local guiding units like yours.  

This year we have categorised more great fundraising ideas like a menu, so you can choose an activity, something based on how much time you have.

How do I raise money from doing something I love?

The following fundraising tips have come straight from our in-house fundraising experts, the fundraising team!

Quick activities (to be completed within one unit meeting, e.g one and half hours): 

1. Active ‘a-thon  

It’s time to Supercharge one of your unit meetings! How many activities can you try? Pick your favourite activity, supercharge it and ask friends and family to sponsor you. Here’s some ideas to get started:

• How many people you can get together to try your favourite style of dance and do this throughout your unit meeting? You can get them to take part by playing tag, keep it going so someone is always dancing. Or you could try skipping?

• Are you ready for a virtual running or walking relay? Work out the distance from your unit to another one (or your school) and have a virtual running relay so you cover that distance. All from the comfort of your own unit! 

• Do you like the idea of a reading relay? Can you read a whole book during a unit meeting? If you all read a different chapter each you could!  

2. Choose your own ‘a-thon  

Think of something you enjoy doing and see if you can make it into a fundraising a-thon by making it bigger, longer or faster than ever before! 

Set a target, make sure it’s realistic and work towards it. You can get together with friends and family or set your own ‘a-thon. It’s important you have heaps of fun taking part and stay safe too.

Don’t forget to ask friends and family to sponsor you! 

More challenging activities! (Most could be completed over a period of a couple of weeks, or longer if you have the dedication! 

3. Good Deed ’a-thon  

Try our 14 acts of kindness in 14 days! Pick your acts of kindness, supercharge them and ask friends and family to sponsor you. 

Think about what your community needs and get together with your unit or friends to make it happen. You could take part in a big clean up by doing litter picks, collecting gifts for children in a local hospital or anything in between to help your neighbours!

Why are we partnering with BBC Children in Need?

We have now partnered with BBC Children in Need for two years and in that time, we’ve jointly raised £554,138. We’ve received fantastic feedback from volunteers, parents and young members and we’re delighted to be partnering again in 2022.

Girlguiding and BBC Children in Need share a commitment to supporting and championing young people. The money raised through the partnership will be split equally between the two organisations and will go on to make a difference to young lives across the UK.

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