Branded Email Addresses

by | Feb 13, 2022

Each unit in Bath Division can claim an branded email address, which includes 30GB Google Drive storage for all of your unit files.

A Division branded email address can help you to:

  • Keep your guiding emails separate from your personal emails
  • Work as a team to answer emails, rather than it all falling on one person
  • Look more professional when emailing parents and outside organisations
  • Make it easier to communicate with other local units, even if you don’t know the main unit contact’s name/email address
  • Store all of your unit files in the cloud where they can be accessed and worked on by other members of your team
  • Hand over your unit’s emails more easily if you need to step back or move on from your unit

Division branded email addresses are easy to set up and are administered by our Division Communications Team, so we can reset the password and help you out if there are any problems.

If you would like to use a unit email address for your unit, please contact

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