Budget for the future

by | Dec 7, 2021

Let’s face it, budgeting unit funds probably isn’t the reason you joined Girlguiding as a volunteer! However, it’s really important that all unit funds are properly managed so that you can afford to do all of your activities.

In 2022 the national Girlguiding subscription amount will increase, which has largely been offset by no county or division levy for units in Bath, meaning that units won’t see much difference in the overall amount per member.

However, it’s been Announced that there will be another increase in 2023 of £7 per member on top of the 2022 amount. Other levels (region, county, division and districts) may also increase what they charge so it’s really important that unit leadership teams budget for this increase.

There’s lots of guidance on the Girlguiding website about budgeting but please ask your commissioner if you need more support.

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