Encouraging Young Leaders

by | Nov 24, 2021

Young leaders are our unit leaders of the future. They support adult leaders to plan and run activities, developing lots of skills that will look great on their CV, and have fun with the girls at the same time.

In Bath we currently have a relatively low number of young leaders and would like to encourage more. In 2022, Bath division will fund half of the annual subscription of all young leaders in our division. So there’s never been a better time to invite a young leader to join your unit team, or encourage an older Guide to take the next step.

More information on the young leader qualification can be found on the girlguiding website or by contacting our young leader advisor, Rosie Spence youngleaders@girlguidingbath.org.uk

Full details on how we’ll pay for half of young leader subscriptions will be shared in the new year.

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