Check your trial invoice

by | Feb 14, 2021

Trial subscription invoices are now available in GO.

To find your unit’s invoice, log into GO and click on “Subscriptions”.

If your unit is being charged for a girl that is no longer a member, you need to end their role by 7pm on Monday 22nd February.

Do not move girls back on to the waiting list if they have not been attending virtual meetings.  If you expect a girl to return to your unit when we resume face-to-face meetings, you should leave her role active on GO and pay her membership fee.  There are template letters available on the Girlguiding website to help you communicate with parents if you need to ask them for a contribution towards the cost.

If your unit is being charged for a volunteer that is no longer active, you must let your District Commissioner know as soon as possible.  Remember that your DC is a volunteer too, so will need some time to make any changes. Please don’t leave it to the last minute!

If you have any concerns about the subscription process, please get in touch with your District Commissioner. They will be happy to help!

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