Bathford Guides raised over £100 for Water Aid last term. They were working on a resource called “H2O 4 Life”, which was all about water. They taste tested 11 sorts of water, including chemically purified water. It wasn’t easy to separate the taste –but nobody liked the Harrogate bottled water!

The girls learnt about the water cycle and tried to devise the shortest pipe work for an imaginary town. They also made shaped soap.

One of the most popular evenings was making a collection pot from recycled materials. This was then taken home and put in the bathroom. Every time somebody ‘spent a penny’ they put a penny in the pot. This raised £45 in a month. The rest of the money was raised at the Parish Hall Christmas Fare by serving refreshments.

The most important experiment was on the dissolvability of different paper. We tried to dissolve toilet paper, tissues, kitchen roll and wet wipes in a jar of water. In the hour and a half meeting only the toilet paper dissolved. The lesson learnt was ‘don’t put wet wipes down the toilet’ (Even those that say they are flushable)

If your daughter is interested in joining Guides in Bathford please contact Jenny Prall on 01225 858269 or Girls need to be 10 or over.