11 Brownies, 2 Leaders, a parent and a YL from Bathford Brownies enjoyed an hour long visit to Bath Fire station.

They were shown all the equipment that is carried around in the fire engines, and the kit that the fire fighters actually wear. One of the Brownies was even allowed to try on the fire fighter’s flame-retardant trousers, boots and gloves.

The Brownies were delighted to be able to sit in the cab of the fire engine, and see Fireman Neil (who showed them around) come flying down the pole. Whilst they were there, one of the engines was called out to an unsafe structure so the girls got to see how quickly they are able to get the fire engine out on the road. The Brownies loved hearing the sirens!

Many thanks to Neil and all his crew mates for a very warm welcome and for fitting us in at such short notice.