The Metro Bank Money Zone Programme is a free programme designed to introduce children to the financial world. The programme is designed for years 5 and 6 however it can be adapted to suit the younger or older children. They offer four sessions as part of this programme however, they can condense the below three sessions into one session. The below gives you an outline of what they cover.

  • Money and Banking
  • Savings
  • Budgeting

During the final session, the children will be given the opportunity to visit the Metro Bank Store in Bath or Bristol where they will be shown the bank and some areas of banking that they would have learnt about during the session e.g. Bank Vault, Cash Machines/ATM’s, etc.

The programme is designed to be both fun and educational. It is packed with various activities and at the end of the programme, they all get a certificate for their achievement along with other Metro Bank Goodies.

Kirsty has the contact details of the local coordinator for this programme in Bath, so if you would like to book a session for your unit, please email and she will put you in touch.