The next County First Aid Refresher training session will take place on Wednesday 24th October 2018 at Bath Guide HQ.

If your First Aid qualification is due for renewal, please sign up for this session to update your knowledge.

Your First Aid qualification is valid for three years. If your qualification expired more than six months ago, you will need to complete a full day First Aid course. Dates for these will be released soon.

It is important that at least one person in each unit has a valid first response qualification on their GO record. Please check with your team to make sure that someone has an appropriate qualification – particularly if yours is due to expire. If you received First Response training through work, ask your District Commissioner to add this to your GO record so we know that your unit is operating safely.

Please remember that the cost of transport to the training (including parking) is a legitimate unit expense. If you unit doesn’t have enough funds to help, please let your District Commissioner know so she can help.



Wednesday 24th October


7pm – 9:30pm


Bath Guide HQ
88 Walcot Street




Places are limited. Please complete this form to book your place: