What do you do when a Brownie pow wow results in the girls asking for a toilet themed evening?

That was the challenge set by the girls at 30th Bath (Combe Down) Brownies this week. After much discussion over in the Bath Division Leaders Facebook Group, here are some activities that meet the brief…


Toilet Tag

  • One girl (or more) is it.
  • When they tag someone, that person is stuck they have to kneel and put one arm up in the air.
  • In order for them to be freed another girl needs to sit on the bent leg and pull the flush (brig arm down).


Thanks to Becky Townsend for this suggestion!


Toilet Twinning

Challenge the girls to raise money to twin a toilet at your meeting place with Toilet Twinning.

Twinning your toilet costs £60 and you will receive a certificate to mount on the wall in your meeting place.

The girls can choose how to raise the money, but might like to make fundraising boxes to put in their bathroom at home so they can charge family members and guests to “spend a penny”.

Always check with your venue first to make sure they are happy for the toilet to be twinned and to display the certificate.


Toilet Cakes

You will need:

  • Ingredients for a standard sponge recipe (a packet mix is fine!)
  • 2 x Fairy cake cases per girl
  • 1 x Party ring biscuit per girl
  • 1 x Cocktail stick per girl
  • Icing sugar


  • Make up the sponge mixture and divide between the fairy cake cases. For each girl there should be one full fairy cake case and one shallow-filled case, which will form the toilet lid
  • Bake the cakes and allow to cool
  • Peel off the fairy cake cases
  • Put a cocktail stick halfway into the side of the shallow cake, then attach it to the full size cake to form a lid (see picture above)
  • Mix the icing sugar with a little water to form a thick space
  • Spread the icing sugar paste over the base of the party ring and stick it to your toilet cake to form the toilet seat. You can cut a little gap out of the party ring to make a more realistic seat, but this can be a bit fiddly!

If you don’t have the facilities available for baking, you could buy ready made fairy cakes and slice one down to form the toilet lid.


Do you have any other toilet themed ideas? Share them by commenting on this post or join the discussion on the Bath Division Leaders Facebook Group.