Take advantage of the peace and calm of half term to make sure that your unit is ready for Subscriptions 2018 with our handy checklist:


1. Check your trial invoice

When you log into GO, you will see a red ‘Subcriptions’ button at the top right hand side of your screen. Click there and you will be taken into the Subscriptions system, where you can see you trial invoice and make sure that you are being charged for the right people.


2. Contact your District Commissioner or District GO Coordinator if you need a volunteer to be added or removed from your unit team

If you are in South West District, please contact Kirsty at divisioncommissioner@girlguidingbath.org.uk whilst Bev is away.


3. Move any girls who are at the ‘Meeting Arranged’ stage into your unit

Girlguiding will be monitoring any enquiries that stay at the ‘Meeting Arranged’ stage for longer than normal at this time of year. If a girl has been coming reasonably consistently throughout this half term, she should be included in your unit numbers.


4. Check your unit’s bank balance

It is vital that you make sure that your unit has enough money to pay your Subscriptions invoice. We will be penalised if any unit fails to pay on time.

If you are concerned that your unit will not have sufficient funds, please contact your District Commissioner immediately so we can arrange a loan to help cover your invoice.


Hopefully Subscriptions will be a painless process for everyone this year. The District and Division teams are really grateful to you all for your support at this time of year and are on hand to help if you get stuck, so please do get in touch if you have any concerts.