Rosie Spence from 10th Bath (Argyle) Brownies has kindly shared some of her favourite spring games to play with her Brownies. If you’re looking to refresh your games repertoire this term, give some of these a try…


Clap, Clap, Stamp, Stamp

The girls divide into two groups and each group makes a circle. One person from each circle stands in the middle holding a ball or beanbag.

All the girls in the circles start clapping. On ‘go’ the person in the middle throws the ball or beanbag to one of the girls who stops clapping, catches the ball or beanbag, throws it back and starts stamping.

The person in the middle carries on throwing to each person round the circle, who stops clapping, catches, throws back and starts stamping. Eventually all the clapping changes to stamping and everyone sits down.

The first circle to sit down is the winner.

If someone drops the ball or beanbag they have to throw and catch again.

Variation: start clapping and then change to jumping up and down, or star jumps etc.
Good for: concentration and awareness!


Fires on Mount Cook

This game is from New Zealand where Mount Cook is the highest mountain
The girls form a double circle, with the same number in each. ‘It’ stands in the centre and starts the game by calling out ‘Fires on Mount Cook, girls, run, run, run!’ (or everyone could call this out together.)

The girls in the outer circle then run clockwise around the outside of the inner circle. When ‘It’ calls ‘Fire’s out!’ each runner must stand in front of a girl in the inner circle. Meanwhile ‘It’ has already stepped in front of a girl. The person left out becomes ‘It’ in the next round.

The girls who ran are now in the inner circle, so a different group has a chance to run.

Variation: You can adapt this game to a theme e.g. ‘Easter is coming, girls, run, run, run!’ ‘Easter’s here!’


Rabbits in a Warren

Two people make an arch, through which the girls (rabbits), who are standing in a circle, run. When the whistle blows the arch falls over a rabbit and he is caught. The caught rabbit stands in the middle until the next rabbit is caught, and then they make another arch. The game continues to catch rabbits until all the girls are arches.



Place two chairs 3m apart. The first girl throws the dice and travels around the chairs in the appropriate method of moving, according to the list below. When she has returned to her starting point, the next girl can throw the dice.

At the end of a 5 minute period (recorded on stopwatch or clock) the number of laps completed by the Six is recorded on a large scoresheet.

A throw of:

1 = hopping
2 = running
3 = toe to heel walk
4 = backwards
5 = skipping
6 = leaping like a frog


Foot Friendly

Each Six/Patrol makes a list of as many different types of footwear as they can think of in 5 minutes.

This could include anything from trainers and clogs to ice skates, the more original the better! (Could follow this up with pampering your feet)


Frogs on Lily Pads

Each Six/Patrol stands in a long line, one behind the other, at one end of the room, with a finishing line at the other end. The girl at the back is given squares of carpet, card or paper (lily pads) about 20cm square – one more than the number in the Six (i.e. 6 girls = 7 lily pads).

The ‘frog’ at the back passes one lily pad along to the front of the line and the first girl puts it on the ground in front of her and stands on it. The second lily pad is passed along, the first ‘frog’ steps on to that one and the 2nd ‘frog’ moves on to the other lily pad behind the first ‘frog’. Gradually the lily pads are passed forward, placed down, and the team of ‘frogs’ moves across the room on them, one behind the other – only one frog’ per lily pad at a time. The game continues in this way with the girls stepping on the lily pads like stepping stones to get to the finishing line. If anyone falls off, the whole team has to go back to the beginning.

The first team of ‘frogs’ across the finish line wins.


Spring Relay

Divide the girls into groups of 4 and mark a start and finish line. Each team member takes it in turn to go from the start line to finish line and back, doing a different action:

First girl = bunny hop
Second girl = skip like a lamb
Third girl = egg and spoon
Fourth girl = roll an egg (or ball)

The girls then swap round and try a different action and perhaps think up some themselves!


In the Pond

One circle, the ‘pond’ is drawn, with a second one round it, forming the ‘bank’ – could be circles of string if can’t draw on floor with chalk.

The girls kneel outside the second circle. The Guider quickly calls out an order such as ‘In the pond’, ‘On the bank’, or ‘Out of the pond’, and every girl tries to be the first to put her hands in the right place. This can also be played as a jumping game provided the ‘bank’ is not too wide.

A game for quick thinking – no scoring necessary.



The girls arrange themselves in the shape of a tadpole – half the Pack making a circle for the head, and the others in a line attached to the ‘head’ to make the tail. Equal numbers in head and tail.

The last girl on the tail has a bean bag or something to hand on; she runs round the circle and gives it to the next on the end of the tail, and so on until all the tail have had a turn.

The ‘head’ girls have a ball which they throw round the circle, counting each catch. The tail calls ‘Stop’ when they have finished running. The head and tail then change places and the winner is the one with the highest number of catches.


The runner in the ‘tail’ could go to front of tail after passing on the bean bag to the girl at the end, and ‘tail’ shuffles back. The ‘head’ could have one person in the middle of the circle throwing and catching the ball.