There are a number of student societies at the University of Bath who are able to run sessions and offer help to our units across Bath.

Here are a few we know are happy to help…


What They Can Offer

Contact Details

Bath University First Aid Society

  • Informal sessions introducing the girls to basic first aid concepts and helping them work towards their first aid badge
  • First aid cover for events

Bath University Computer Science Society

  • Coding evenings
  • Cryptohunt evenings
  • LEGO Robotics labs evenings

People and Planet Society

  • Introduction to campaigns workshop
  • Information about how to get into environmental campaigning with examples from all over the world

Bath University Guide and Scout Society (BUGS)

  • Bath Monopoly Run for Guides and Rangers (date TBA)
  • Extra pairs of hands at unit meetings
  • Meetings for Rangers to promote Guiding at university level and answer questions about universities and jobs for young people.


  • Vocal warm ups and singing along to songs with some simple harmonies (or more complex harmonies depending on age/ability)