Welcome back to the Guiding new term! I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing break over the Christmas break and are ready to get stuck into another adventurous term with your unit.

As the new term gets underway, there are a few administrative tasks that we all need to get on top of so we can focus on having fun with the girls…


Unit Admin Checklist


  • Unit Accounts: Your District Commissioner will be asking for a copy of your unit accounts in the next few weeks. This is part of an essential review process that helps us to make sure we are using our charity’s money wisely and to benefit the girls. Please make sure your accounts are up to date and get them checked by an external reviewer so you can return them to your DC promptly. If you are struggling with your accounts, please let your DC know NOW so she help.

  • Subscriptions 2018: Subscriptions for 2018 will be £30.50 per member. This is a reduced rate following a very generous bequest to Somerset North County by a former member. Please make sure that you have enough money in your unit account to pay for Subscriptions and look out for emails from Girlguiding with details about how and when to pay.

  • GO Records: Make sure your girl records are up to date on GO so you only pay Subscription for you girls who are still attending. If your unit team has changed, please contact your DC to make sure that GO is up to date.


    Opportunities in 2018

    There are lots of opportunities coming up for both the girls and our volunteers in 2018. Here are just a few to look out for…

    • Narrow Boating: Take your unit on a narrow boating adventure [Find out more]

    • Leader Adventure Weekend: Learn new skills at our Leader Adventure Weekend from 28th – 29th April. Booking forms are coming soon, but make sure the dates are in your diary!

    • Adult INTOPS: Take part in an adult INTOPS selection this May for a chance to lead an international adventure [Find out more]


    Unit News

    We love hearing about all of your unit adventures, so please remember to send photos to info@girlguidingbath.org.uk with a short description so we can feature them on the Division website. You can also share ideas and activity reviews in the Bath Division Leaders Facebook Group, so make sure you join if you have not already done so.

    Have a fantastic Spring term!