We can now offer Girlguiding Bath branded email addresses to all of our units in the city.

You could have yourunitname@girlguidingbath.org.uk as your unit email address for use by your team, complete with a shared calendar, contacts list and branded email footer to help your emails look professional.

Our branded email addresses can be accessed through the Gmail website, which may be familiar to many of you, or by using your usual email software, such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.

We know that many of you already have a unit email account that you share with your team. If that is the case, we can redirect emails from that email address so you don’t miss any messages.

Using a branded email address for your unit is entirely optional, but could make it easier to share your unit’s administration and help you to make a great impression with parents and partner organisations. You will start to see District and Division role-holders using branded email addresses in the coming weeks, which means you won’t have to keep updating your address book every time someone new takes over!

If you would like to know more – or get a branded email for your unit – please contact divisioncomissioner@girlguidingbath.org.uk.