As you may already know, this summer I will be heading to Rwanda along with five other members of Girlguiding on a Guiding Overseas Linked with Development (GOLD) project.

My personal goal within Girlguiding is to inspire young people to believe in themselves and to make positive contributions to their communities. As a child I was extremely shy, but guiding has enabled me to become more confident than I could ever imagine, and has given me opportunities to speak out and support others. The perseverance and enthusiasm of my leaders in Girlguiding has moulded me to want the same for the little girls who look up to me.

For three weeks in August our team will travel to Rwanda to work with local Guides and the communities of Rwanda, with an overarching aim to improve their quality of guiding and to make a positive impact on the communities both within and outside of guiding. More specifically, our team will provide training in first aid, safe guarding, women’s rights and world guiding, and workshops to develop the leadership skills and confidence of young Rwandan girls. This is an extremely exciting and rare opportunity, and will give me the chance to inspire girls on an international scale, and to spread my knowledge and passion more widely than my usual community. In return, I hope that I will learn more about the community and culture of Rwanda, and that this is something which I will be able to share with my Rainbows, friends and fellow leaders upon my return to the UK.

How you can help

Alex is fundraising to pay for her GOLD adventure. You can help by:

  • Buying a Rwanda GOLD 2018 badge
  • Buying a “They Said It Was An Hour A Week…” badge online or via the Bath Guide Shop
  • Hiring Alex to lead an evening for your Rainbows or Brownies (in Bath or Leicestershire)

Full details can be found at Alex’s GOLD Project in Rwanda Facebook Page